Wednesday, February 19, 2014

De Blasio’s education agenda

Checker Finn analyzes de Blasio's education agenda and concludes that it's "full of hot air":

Bill de Blasio's public-education agenda consists of seven boasts (things he says he's already done, part of his record as public advocate) and 19 plans for future changes ("policies, agendas and programs" that he promises to "work tirelessly to implement"). Minus the overlap, they add up to two dozen ideas. Here's how I score them:

…This kind of stuff may help him win Tuesday, but it's no battle plan for conquering ignorance with strategies and weapons that the nation's biggest city can plausibly mobilize, pay for and deploy.

De Blasio would've done more to persuade education-reformers that he's serious if he'd dispensed with 24-point agendas and instead said who he'd hire as schools chancellor.

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