Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Senator Booker

Senator Booker – damn, I like the sound of that!
Cory A. Booker, who gained celebrity as a danger-dodging, super-tweeting mayor of Newark, was sworn into the United States Senate on Thursday, the first African-American to be elected to the chamber since Barack Obama in 2004.
Cory is a very old friend, dating back two decades when he first graduated from Yale Law School and moved to Newark. I long ago said he would be the first black President – I still think I'm right about his potential, but Obama's eight years older (52 vs. 44) , so he beat Cory to it.
When I was helping start Democrats for Education Reform, our strategy was to find Democratic politicians who:
a) Were willing to be courageous on this issue, break with the unions, and stand up for kids; and
b) Had big political potential.
Not to be boastful, but it's pretty remarkable that the two guys we really got behind early on have been elected President and now U.S. Senator!

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