Saturday, September 27, 2014

Race fore California Schools Superintendent

The single most important ed reform race in the country right now is the battle for California schools superintendent. The stakes couldn’t be higher: it’s the largest state, with the most charter schools and students, and the Vergara ruling is on appeal.


The contrast between the two candidates (both Democrats) couldn’t be more stark: Marshall Tuck, a Harvard MBA, is the former President of charter school operator Green Dot Public Schools and CEO of the Partnership for Los Angeles School (which led the turnaround of 17 failing public schools in some of the LA's toughest neighborhoods). He is challenging incumbent Tom Torlakson, a 30+ year politician who “panders to the politically powerful California Teachers Association by defending the status quo.” He has, for example, done his union masters’ bidding and appealed Vergara.


Marshall has received the endorsement of every single major newspaper in California, both liberal and conservative. The San Jose Mercury News wrote, “He would be a game changer for education in California,” (full editorial below) and the LA Times calls him “an overdue force for change,” with “the energy and vision to turn California’s schools around.”


This victory would be a game changer for kids in California and a bellwether for what we can do in other states.


Polls show the race is a toss-up.


The CTA is pouring millions into supporting Torlakson (knowing that his election will result in exponentially more dollars flowing back to them), so to win Marshall needs our help. 


Please join me in supporting Marshall Tuck. I just donated another $1,000 to him at: (on this page, you can also support five other wonderful reform-oriented Democrats in key races around the country; I also just donated $3,500 to them).


Together we can start making a difference in kids’ lives. Marshall is the right candidate: he understands the policies, has the experience bringing real change to failing schools, and will be an independent voice for parents and kids in California – and on the national stage. 


Thank you!

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