Sunday, December 14, 2014

Dispelling Five ‘Falsehoods’ About Newark’s School System

Speaking of ed warriors, here's Chris Cerf with a full-throated defense of Cami Anderson's tenure as Newark's superintendent:

Having served as New Jersey's Commissioner of Education from 2011 to 2014, I have had an inside view into efforts to improve Newark's struggling school system. Superintendent Cami Anderson's recent letter goes a long way toward countering the narrative of failure that has taken hold about the Newark school reform effort. Between a recent "New Yorker" piece and Mayor Baraka's astonishingly inaccurate "New York Times" op-ed, however, the blogosphere has reached a verdict that the tumult in Newark signals a lack of success and that more effective "community engagement" might have yielded a better outcome. This assessment of the work in Newark is incorrect in virtually every respect.

Here are five falsehoods worthy of dispelling: 

Falsehood 1: The work of the past 3.5 years (Superintendent Anderson's tenure) has been a failure:

Falsehood 2: The 1995 state takeover has failed.

Falsehood 3: Anderson's "One Newark" plan is a conspiracy to "privatize" public schools by replacing the traditional system with charters.

Falsehood 4: "One Newark" resulted in closing dozens of schools

Falsehood 5: Had there been better "community engagement," these positive changes could have been achieved in a more harmonious way.


Dispelling Five 'Falsehoods' About Newark's School System

Chris Cerf | December 2, 2014

Despite narrative of failure, former state education chief says Newark has met with success on numerous fronts

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