Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Fortune - Scaramucci with the bull case

I actually think Scaramucci makes some good points: Washington is indeed broken, our economic growth isn't what it should be, our tax system does need an overhaul, etc. (He could have written this exact article four years ago on behalf of Mitt Romney, whose intelligence, moderation and character I'll admit I've only recently come to appreciate.) Scaramucci's problem is his candidate: a totally defective human being who, other than apparently loving his children, has not a single other redeeming quality – an obvious sociopath, madman and con man. Roger Lowenstein does a nice job of pointing this out:

Warren Buffett says that if you've been playing poker for thirty minutes and don't know who the patsy is, the patsy is you.

America, wake up: Don't be Donald Trump's patsy.

In episode after tawdry episode, the people who've done deals with this guy have come out losers. His investors in casino companies? They got hosed. The contractors he hired to build those projects? They got stiffed. The students in his so-called Trump University? Allegedly defrauded. Charities that counted on him? They got bupkis.

Sure, Hillary Clinton is a flawed candidate. But this election is not about Hillary. It's about whether America will put its trust in a 21st century version of a carnival fraud—a patent-medicine salesman who brags of suckering the people he deals with.

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