Wednesday, September 05, 2007

School District Has Dress Code, and Is Buying the Uniforms, Too

Interesting that there's no debate at all over whether there should be uniforms -- just over who should pay for them:

“If we expect high-quality academic achievement in the Elizabeth  schools, not only do we need the staff and the materials, the kids need their  uniforms.”

But some critics have questioned whether the district should  be getting into the clothing business while schools are facing budget cuts and  state lawmakers are under pressure to reduce property taxes. Jerry Cantrell,  president of the New Jersey. Taxpayers Association and a former school board president in Randolph, said that while he did not oppose school  uniforms, he considered it “overkill” to provide them free to every  student.

“Spending taxpayer money across the board for even those who  can afford it is going above and beyond,” Mr. Cantrell said. “If we’re ever  going to get a handle on the out-of-control tax situation in New Jersey and elsewhere, you have to focus on where the spending is and prioritize  it.”

As schools across the country have moved toward stricter dress  codes, some parents have objected to the cost of buying the prescribed outfits, typically solid-color shirts and khaki pants or skirts.


School District Has Dress Code, and Is Buying the Uniforms, Too

September 4, 2007 <>

ELIZABETH, N.J., Aug. 30 — Many public schools are supplying their students with an ever-growing list of essentials that go far beyond textbooks to include scientific calculators, personal laptops and free breakfast.

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