Sunday, February 10, 2008

Newark's Recent Drop in Crime Highlights Mayor's Annual Speech

Some really exciting news on crime falling in Newark (interesting how this gets no publicity relative to the slayings last summer):
Thursday night’s State of the City speech was the annual occasion for Mayor Cory A. Booker to highlight his accomplishments and broadcast his grand plans, but for many here — including, to a significant extent, Mr. Booker himself — the actual state of the city can be summed up in a single digit: 2.

That is how many murders there have been in Newark so far this year, down from 12 at this time last year. And, as Mayor Booker exulted, 109 fewer people were shot last year than in 2006, earning Newark plaudits from a national police executives’ organization.

I wonder what the Newark teacher's union thinks of its "Stop the Killings in Newark Now!" billboards now (see:
February 8, 2008

Newark’s Recent Drop in Crime Highlights Mayor’s Annual Speech

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