Thursday, January 21, 2010

Andy Rotherham with some interesting comments:

Houston, We Have A Problem…

Regarding this debate over whether what Houston ISD is doing on teacher evaluation aligns or not with the Weingarten proposals from last Tuesday, three fresh links for you:

First, at HuffPo Diane Ravitch says HISD's policy is not what Weingarten said.  Second, here's the proposal itself in pdf (starts on page 103 of the board agenda).   In fact, it looks like it's in-line with what Weingarten was talking about.  Despite all the rhetoric test scores are not the sole criteria, the tests are not snap-shots but rather value-added, and support is in place for teachers.  

Perhaps one could argue that Texas doesn't have outstanding standards and tests but (a)  the teachers' union there would be on firmer ground to make that case if they hadn't just stood shoulder to shoulder with Texas' secessionist-talking governor and rejected any effort to compete for federal "Race to the Top" funds, which among other things are tied to better standards and tests…and (b) what's in place in Texas now, while far from ideal, works for this policy.

Also, here's a chat from the Houston Chron with a pro-con view.  Backstory on all this  here and here.

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