Sunday, February 07, 2010

Key to student achievement? ASPIRE to it

An email from my friend and education reform warrior in Houston, Natasha Kamrani:
 I am sending the article below to a few select education reformers who I believe will get this call to action and can respond quickly. 
Today, Board President Greg Meyers ran an Op Ed in the Chronicle regarding the upcoming board vote on Feb. 11th.  There aren't many comments posted online to the article, but those that are there are negative. 
Politicians pay attention to things like comments to articles and it is important that those who agree with Greg, who appreciate that he has put his thoughts out there in such a courageous and public way, show their support by reading the article found at the link below and POSTING A COMMENT. 
This will take FIVE SECONDS and mean so much. 

Comments can be pretty simple:

"I support the board."

 "This is a good move for our children."

 "I congratulate the board on their courage"

 A little Education Reform and the Super Bowl....perfect recipe for a great Sunday, I think!


Key to student achievement? ASPIRE to it


Feb. 6, 2010, 8:19PM

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