Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Hearing for Harlem Success Academy

Speaking of standing up to the union on behalf of kids, nobody has done so more consistently than Eva Moskowitz, so please come out and show your support on Monday evening at 6pm at the public hearing for one of her Harlem Success Academy schools to share space with a public school.  No doubt the union will really pull out all the stops to create as much commotion as possible for reasons that I explained in an email last month (


For those of you not familiar with the history of Eva Moskowitz and Randi Weingarten, you might wonder why the union is targeting not only one of the best schools in Harlem, but one of the best in the entire country.  You'd think they'd target a crappy charter school, right? (Sadly, there are more than a few, though in NY, there are fewer than in many other states that have weak charter laws/authorizers.)  The reason is that Harlem Success is run by Eva.  Randi has a long-standing, vicious, personal vendetta against Eva because when she was head of the Education Committee of the NY City Council, Eva courageously held hearings on the union contract (which, of course, highlighted the insanity of it and underscored how it screwed kids in countless ways).  Ever since, Randi has done everything in her power to hurt Eva and anyone and anything she's associated with.  It's thuggery, plain and simple.   SHAME ON YOU, RANDI!  This is Exhibit A on why I compare the teachers unions to the longshoreman's union.  (Full disclosure: Eva is a good friend and one of my heroes -- not only for what she did as a City Councilor, but also for building four of the most kick-ass schools in the country.)


Here are the details of the hearing:


Date:        February 22, 2010


Place:        M030, 144-176 East 128th Street, New York, NY


Time:        6:00 p.m. (5:30 – 6:15 p.m. speaker registration)


Purpose:    Pursuant to New York Education Law subdivision 2853(3), the purpose of the State University of New York Board of Trustees Public Hearing

                   is to receive testimony and statements from concerned individuals about locating the Harlem Success Academy Charter School 2 in part of the

                  M030 building at 144-176 East 128th Street, New York, NY, which is owned or controlled by the New York City Department of Education.  

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