Monday, June 14, 2010

Roxbury Prep and Uncommon Schools partner

Some REALLY exciting news: Boston's fabulous Roxbury Prep charter school is planning to expand and, to do so, is partnering with the equally fabulous Uncommon Schools network:


Roxbury Prep Plans to Expand,
Partners with Uncommon Schools



Dear Supporter: 


As the 2009-2010 school-year comes to a close, the Roxbury Prep community is happy to share some exciting news. 


With the passage of education reform in Massachusetts, Roxbury Prep is formally announcing its intent to replicate.   We plan to serve up to 2,000 children by 2020, playing a significant role in reshaping public education in Boston.  It is an amazing opportunity that will require your support, as well as transitions for

the current Roxbury Prep community.


We are sharing two pieces of news.  First, Dana Lehman will be transitioning out of her current role as Co-Director for Curriculum and Instruction.  Roxbury Prep has been fortunate to have several seamless internal successions; this time will be no different as Amy Zaffuto, Roxbury Prep science teacher and current Director of Students, becomes Co-Director along with Will Austin.  Please read Dana's letter about her transition here.


As of July 1, Dana will become Uncommon Schools' Managing Director of the Boston network and begin the process of charter applications and planning for the opening the first new Roxbury Prep campus in 2011-2012.  Please read the attached press release for additional information.


Roxbury Prep is formally partnering with Uncommon Schools.  Uncommon Schools (Uncommon) is a nonprofit organization that starts and manages outstanding urban charter public schools that close the achievement gap and prepare low-income students to graduate from college. Currently based in New York and New Jersey, Uncommon has a national reputation for closing the achievement gap at scale; this expertise is paired with personal ties, as former Roxbury Prep Co-Directors Evan Rudall, CEO, and Josh Phillips, COO, lead the organization. 


The mission of Roxbury Prep is and will always be to prepare students to enter, succeed in, and graduate from college.   We are so thankful for your support as we continue to strengthen Roxbury Prep, and offer this opportunity to thousands of deserving children and families in Boston.



Dana and Will 


Roxbury Preparatory Charter School

120 Fisher Avenue

Roxbury, Massachusetts 02120

(617) 566-2361

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