Monday, September 06, 2010

Beck Has Nazi Tourette's

Not to beat a dead horse, but when I slam people, I usually say exactly why and I didn't do that when I called Palin and Beck nitwit demagogues.  So let me back up this statement a little bit.  Re. Palin, I blogged endlessly about her during the campaign, all of which is still posted on my Obama blog at (no new posts in nearly two years).  Re. Beck, I can't think of anything that better reveals his true nature that this hysterically funny segment by The Daily Show's Lewis Black, in which he DESTROYS Beck for his Nazi paranoia/fixation in a segment entitled "Glenn Beck Has Nazi Tourette's":  My favorite part (starting at 4:22):


"I'll give Glenn Beck this: he's got style.  He can even make a paranoid Nazi comparison using poetry."


[cut to clip of Glenn Beck saying on June 18, 2009] "You ever heard the old poem, 'First they came for the Jews…"?  Well, first they came for the banks, then it was the insurance companies, then it was the car companies…"


[cut back to Lewis Black] "Glenn, get a grip – there's a difference!  They came for the Jews to KILL THEM!  They came for the banks and the car companies to give them $700 billion dollars!  If that's coming for them, then come for me!  Hell, for $700 billion, I'll go to you!"


Black then shows a segment in which Beck compares Nazis coming for the Jews with people criticizing HIM! 


Black's advice: "Glenn, the Nazis are everyone, and you're not safe.  So here's what you (and take it from me, my people have been through this before).  First, you gotta find an attic.  Then, hide there for the next three years and, whatever you do, don't make a sound.  We'll let you know when it's safe to come out…"

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