Friday, September 17, 2010

Get Involved!

Here are some ideas from Joe Williams about how you can help in key primary races on Tuesday:


Sorry to intrude upon your Saturday, but time is of the essence.

People on this list who can't afford to regularly give $25 or $100 to a politician often ask us if there are other ways they can help out the cause. In states where there are important primaries coming up, the next few days are critical and represent the portion of many campaigns where a few additional foot-soldiers doing "get out the vote" drives can make a profound difference between winning and losing.

We strongly urge you, on your own, to contact the campaigns of your favorite education reform politicians to find out what you can do to help between now and when the polls close on Tuesday evening. Now is the time.

-- For those of you in the DC area, please consider joining me, DFER friends and other education reformers in canvassing for Mayor Fenty tomorrow (Sunday) at 10 a.m. at Eastern Market. (Meet at the Fenty Table at the South end of the market on 7th Street, NE.) We will be working the market and Ward 6.

-- Another hot spot for us is Baltimore, where Bill Ferguson – fresh off his impressive Baltimore Sun endorsement last week – is knocking on doors like mad to attempt to unseat his longtime incumbent opponent for State Senate. His campaign will be canvassing from 10 a.m. to 8:15 p.m. tomorrow (Sunday) and they need help right through election day if you are able to step in and roll up your sleeves. The campaign office is at 2835 O'Donnell St., Suite 303, Baltimore, MD 21224.  They can call the office as well at 410-929-2152. (Can you say upset of the year?...)

-- I can't speak on his behalf, but I have to think that a guy like Wisconsin Sen. Jeff Plale – also fresh off a great endorsement this morning from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, would probably buy a big bowl of Real Chili for extraordinary volunteers who work through Tuesday to help this tremendous education reforer keep his seat. It's just the kind of guy he is.

-- In Gotham City, according to this morning's New York Times, there are supposedly some exciting races under way in places like Harlem…

You get the picture. There are great candidates all over the place who could use your help today.

This is crunch time.  We regularly ask a lot of our reform-minded elected officials. This is the time where we need to do our part.

If you'd still prefer to just contribute money to campaigns, make sure you visit our "DFER Funky 15" recommendations for the fall at

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, and let's win a few on Tuesday!


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