Friday, September 17, 2010

Gov gives Perkins' Senate foe a boost

Speaking of Perkins, it's great to see Gov. Paterson snubbing him and campaigning for Smikle!

Gov gives Perkins' Senate foe a boost

Last Updated: 7:31 AM, September 11, 2010 

In a political stunner, Gov. Paterson stumped yesterday with Harlem senatorial candidate Basil Smikle -- snubbing incumbent Sen. Bill Perkins.

Paterson was Harlem's state senator before he was elected lieutenant governor and later replacing disgraced Eliot Spitzer as governor. Perkins succeeded Paterson as senator.

Sources said Paterson decided at the last minute to appear with Smikle and Manhattan Democratic leader and Harlem Assemblyman Keith Wright.

Paterson's visit stopped short of a formal endorsement ahead of Primary Day on Tuesday. But Smikle was thrilled with the help from the governor, who remains popular in his Harlem base.

"I got a call that the governor wanted to stop by where I was campaigning. Gov. Paterson endorsed my agenda for the community. And I was proud that it came from the person who once held the seat for which I'm running," Smikle said.

"It was an amazing moment for a sitting governor to do this," added Smikle.

During the campaign event, Paterson praised Smikle's work on education and youth issues.

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