Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Donors Choose

If you go see Waiting for Superman, look for the $15 Donors Choose cards that are being handed out in theaters – and then please support KIPP teachers in NYC:


If you have your Donors Choose gift card, use it to support a project posted by a KIPP NYC school! It is a little hard to find our projects so to make it nice and easy, I've posted the link to our schools' projects below. PLEASE SEND TO YOUR FRIENDS who attended also.


If this link doesn't work then following these steps:


1. Visit

2. Click on "view projects"

3. On the projects page go to the search column on the right hand side of the page 4. Click "Search by school" at the top of the search column, then choose NY in the pop-up 5. Then go to the bottom of the search column and choose "KIPP" where you see school types listed 6. You should then see all the projects listed by KIPP NYC teachers

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