Monday, November 22, 2010

Arne Duncan wants to stretch the school dollar

Mike Petrilli liked what Dancan said as well:

Wow! So in one speech, this (Democratic) Secretary of Education comes out swinging against "last hired, first fired," seniority-based pay raises, smaller class sizes, seat time, pay bonuses for master's degrees, and over-bloated special education budgets. Which means he just declared war with the teachers unions, parents groups, education schools, and the special education lobby. Not a bad day's work!

To be sure, Duncan has control over almost none of this. Still, this is classic bully-pulpit stuff, and I expect it will resonate big-time in state capitols all over the country. When the unions start busing in kids, parents, and teachers to rally against increases in class size or pay freezes, expect a lot of Republican governors to start quoting their good friend Arne.


Arne Duncan wants to stretch the school dollar

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