Monday, November 22, 2010

Peters: Creating a market for education

You know that Pete Peters was a great man when BOTH the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald editorialize about him favorably.  Here's the Globe:


Peters: Creating a market for education

November 22, 2010


Lovett C. "Pete'' Peters loved ideas, so he founded a place where they could thrive. In 1988, at age 75, he launched the Pioneer Institute for Public Policy Research, a think tank that became an incubator for today's charter school movement. It also launched key political players such as recent Republican gubernatorial candidate Charles D. Baker.


Peters — who died Nov. 11 at age 97 — believed in free-market principles as the way to improve education, especially for low-income children. His dedication to the cause impressed others who shared his overall goal, even if they disagreed with his philosophy.


Personally and professionally, Peters was a generous and optimistic man. Back in 1990, when the Pioneer Institute found a soulmate in the new governor, William F. Weld, Peters told an interviewer: "We are not in politics. We hope to change the intellectual climate in the Commonwealth.'' That he did.

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