Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Charter School Is Among 12 Chosen to Close

The likely closing of one of NYC's 100 or so charter schools isn't "a cautionary tale for the city's well-heeled charter backers" – we've ALWAYS known from the beginning that if our schools didn't deliver on their promises, they'd be shut down, which is exactly as it should be.  The tragedy/travesty is that regular public schools aren't held to the same standard.  It's critically important that ALL failing public schools, after being given a chance to turn things around, are shut down and the space turned over to other (ideally proven) operators. 

The Ross Global Academy opened five years ago on a raft of promises, like an innovative curriculum that would spiral through different historical eras, small class sizes, yoga, Mandarin lessons, an extended day and organic food prepared by a chef.

Led by a Texas-born benefactress, Courtney Sale Ross, the multimillionaire widow of a Time Warner chief executive, it also had Mary Brabeck, the dean of New York University's school of education, on its board. It was given a home at Tweed Courthouse, the Education Department's headquarters, where it was supported by Joel I. Klein, the departing schools chancellor.

But on Monday, Ross Global became a cautionary tale for the city's well-heeled charter backers, among 12 schools the city announced it would seek to close this year for poor performance. The city said it would announce the names of additional schools it would recommend for closing on Tuesday.

…More than 40 percent of teachers left each year, and 77 percent left last year, the city said. The situation bottomed out last year, when the school moved into its permanent home, a shared public school building on 11th Street in the East Village.


December 6, 2010

Charter School Is Among 12 Chosen to Close


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