Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Former Schools Chief Shapes Her Comeback

Michelle Rhee announced her exciting next move on Oprah yesterday:  Here's a NYT article on it, which quotes DFER's Joe Williams:

"If there's anyone who can raise a billion for this, it's going to be Michelle," said Joe Williams, the executive director of Democrats for Education Reform, recalling that Ms. Rhee was greeted like a rock star at a political event his group hosted a couple of years ago in Denver.

Joel I. Klein, the departing New York City schools chancellor, credited Ms. Rhee's outspokenness and media presence — she is a principal figure in the hit education documentary "Waiting for 'Superman' " — with raising the profile of education issues.

"I never thought I'd say this, but education has become sexy in America, partly because of Michelle," Mr. Klein said.

Despite her setback in Washington, Ms. Rhee is not tempering any of the fire that sometimes made her divisive.


A Former Schools Chief Shapes Her Comeback

Published: December 6, 2010

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