Friday, December 03, 2010


In the recent NY Daily News interview with Jonathan Kozol (see my last email), he said: "When I visited KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program) Academy in the Bronx, they put on quite a nice show, but I never knew a South Bronx school with so many students with nice prescription glasses and nice Lands End backpacks."  This is so offensive: dismissing the extraordinary efforts (and results) of one of the greatest public schools in America as "a show" due only to privileged students.  As usual, Kozol doesn't let facts get in the way of his misguided opinions.  Here's what a friend had to say about the prescription glasses:


The students have nice prescription glasses because KIPP PAYS FOR THEM!!!  Through a government sponsored program I believe.  Unlike the local public school in the Bronx that I used to teach in, KIPP cared enough to find the funding, coordinate with the parents and make sure the glasses were bought and replaced when needed, so the kids would have what they needed and wouldn't miss out on most of what they should be learning because they couldn't see.  Kozol is right as usual (not!) – shame on KIPP for caring.


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