Monday, January 31, 2011

Decision Time for Governor Brown

Moving on to other ways that the Blob/union engages in thuggery to thwart reform: a favorite tactic is getting politicians to sack reformers in positions of power, which is exactly what happened in California under new Gov. Jerry Brown, who has proven himself (like most Democrats, sadly) to be a gutless weasel when forced to choose between kids and the teachers union.


Here's Parent Revolution Exec Dir Ben Austin, a Democrat who served in the Clinton White House, appealing to Gov. Brown moments before he was sacked:


I have tried to use my tenure on the (California) State Board as a proof point that this false-ideological choice (pro-charter vs. pro-teachers union) has lead us to the precipice of today's failed status quo. It is time for a new paradigm: kids-first reform.  Make every decision based on what is best for kids.  Period.  End of sentence…


…Parents are already organizing throughout California to take back and transform their children's failing schools, and they will not rest until they succeed.  The kids-first change we seek is infinitely more likely to come from a small band of determined parents in Compton, fighting for the future of their own children, than from the dais of a board room in Sacramento…


…The Governor-elect has shown himself to be a reformer and an independent thinker throughout his political career.  I supported him for governor because he pioneered cutting-edge environmental and labor policy as governor, because of his strong education reform record as mayor of Oakland, and because of his intellect, which I think may be his most appealing quality. Politics in this day and age has devolved into a cacophony of cable news hyperbole that has lost much of its intrinsic meaning. Jerry Brown has a long history of challenging the status quo, questioning long-held assumptions, and standing up for social justice. That's why I think Jerry Brown will make a great governor.
I hope Governor Brown stands with parents and kids and supports me and the other reformers on the State Board.


Decision Time for Governor Brown

Ben Austin

Posted: January 3, 2011 03:35 PM

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