Monday, January 31, 2011

Understanding the state of play at McKinley Elementary

Here's the data on the parents' vote, showing the overwhelming support for the parent trigger:


Understanding the state of play at McKinley Elementary


The graph below details where the Parent Trigger campaign at McKinley Elementary stands as of Thursday, January 20.  Additional parents are signing the petition or rescinding their "rescissions" by the day. As a result, we will be updating these numbers as necessary. 


As you can see from the difference between the first and second columns, parents representing only 318 of the 438 students enrolled at McKinley (73%) have even been given the option of signing the Parent Trigger petition.  This is a function of parent organizers not having the list of parents and relatively weak social ties in Compton that prevent parents from knowing all the other parents at their school. 


Of the parents that have been asked, 87% of them – representing a total of 276 students – have signed a Parent Trigger petition and submitted it to the district.  The last column on the right hand side details where the entire universe of parents of McKinley students stands as of January 20.   Of the 276 original signatures, 242 remain unequivocally supportive of the Parent Trigger petition they have signed.  This represents 55% of the total school and 76% of those who have ever been asked by parent organizers. This also includes parents of 16 students who initial signed the district's "rescission" petition but have since reaffirmed their support for the petition (these are represented by the red "RofR" key).  Parents representing 34 students have apparently signed a "rescission" petition as part of the district's "rescission" campaign and have not reaffirmed their support for the petition at this time. 


In summary, even when taking into account parents who have signed Compton Unified's "rescission" petition, the Parent Trigger petition still have support from over 55% of the school (not to mention 76% of parents who have ever had the option of signing), well above the 50% minimum required under the Parent Trigger law.

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