Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Appeal from a teacher at KIPP Rise in Newark

Here's an appeal from a teacher at one of the greatest public schools in America, KIPP Rise in Newark (I'm donating $100):


My name is Mark Joseph and I teach 5th grade math at Rise Academy in Newark, New Jersey.  (I taught 7th grade math and social studies in the Bronx as part of TFA before this. I am also on your education listserve.)


Currently, Rise is trying to raise money to build a first class athletic field next to our school (see below for an email from our school leader, Drew Martin).


I was wondering if you could include the following website (http://riseacademy.causevox.com/markjoseph) in one of your education email blasts in the hopes of drawing more attention to the project.


Thank you so much for helping us reach our goal!




PS--Here is Rise's page – http://riseacademy.causevox.com


From: Drew Martin

Sent: Friday, February 04, 2011 3:37 PM

Subject: Level the Playing Field




Many of you may or may not know that I've spent a good chunk of my time over the last few months working to help build a first class athletic field next to our school. We've got partnerships with the US Soccer Foundation, the Claudio Reyna Foundation, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lined up to help make the field a reality. While the cost of the field is approaching $4 million to make it happen, these partnerships will reduce the amount that Rise needs to commit to the project to around $1.25 million. So in addition to working with our architects and building partnerships, I've spent some serious time trying to fundraise to make this field happen.  While things are looking good I'm writing to ask for your help.


The prospects for the field have taken off largely because we got so much visibility from the "Refresh Everything" campaign that we unfortunately lost. While we didn't win the contest a few wealthy people expressed interest in helping to make the project happen. So we started thinking that it might make sense for us to continue to push the field through an online grassroots fundraising campaign. That's where you come in.


Ben and I met with the founder of an online fundraising company that is doing some interesting things and we've decided to partner through them. I've set an online fundraising goal of $75,000. While that money won't be enough to pay for the entire field it will help to get us towards our goal and more importantly it will help us to get some more visibility with the hopes that one or two people wants to contribute a significant amount to our project.


What I need from you is to be a "runner" in our "race". Here's what I mean. Lots of organizations, in order to raise money will hold a 5k race. Runners sign up for the race and ask their friends and family to donate to the cause. They set a fundraising goal and then they go out and ask people to sponsor them in their run. We'd like for you to do the same thing. If everyone employee at Rise were able to raise $2,000 then we'd exceed our online fundraising goal and we'd also be 10% of the way to our overall goal.


Will you take the time to help us fundraise? If so, please go to http://riseacademy.causevox.com and create an account. Send the page to friends and family over email. Or promote it over Facebook. I've attached the summary document as well as a few pictures in case these might help us promote our cause.


We've made a lot of progress on making this field a reality. Now we need your help to continue to promote the cause.

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