Thursday, March 31, 2011

CA Parent Trigger

GREAT news on the CA Parent Trigger – from a friend:


Must read piece this morning from John Fensterwald summarizing yesterday's State Board meeting on Parent Trigger regulations.  


Not only did the Board renew the "emergency regulations," but they agreed to call a special meeting on April 21 in order to help finalize Parent Trigger regulations.  The Board also decided to work off of the existing draft of regulations and to NOT pursue any of the "clean up" legislation that editorial boards from around CA have derided as a naked attempt to roll back or repeal the law.  These decisions represent big victories for parents who have traveled to two consecutive State Board meetings from Los Angeles to demand fair and empowering regulations that give power to parents, not bureaucrats.  


The huge shift in the fate of these regulations over the last two months is yet another testament to the power of community organizing and parents standing up for their children's future.  This process, however, is not yet over, and parents will of course continue to organize and hold the State Board, the Superintendent Torlakson, and everyone else accountable for finishing these regulations in a fair and timely manner.


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By John Fensterwald - Educated Guess

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