Thursday, March 31, 2011

Teachers Unions Explained

I'm certainly not the only person making cartoons lampooning the teacher unions' behavior (mine is entitled "Teacher of the Year Laid Off" and is posted here: (2 minutes).  I got a kick out of this one, entitled "Teachers Unions Explained": (4 min).  Here's a sample of the dialogue between a supporter of the unions and a skeptic:


- The only way to improve public schools is money.

- How much money would it take?
- More

- How much more?

- A lot more

- Can you be a little more specific?

- How much does the country have left?

- I'm guessing not enough.

- Just keep giving them money until the unions say you can stop.

- No

- Why not?

- I'm worried they might forget to say stop.

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