Wednesday, March 30, 2011

From Kelly Amis:


A SNEAK PEEK of "The Path to Prison" is now posted on my website. But I want to get more feedback on it before we wrap, so could you include it in an email blast, asking people to go to to watch the film (it's a 5-min short), and then email me their thoughts/reactions at


Also, be sure to watch the infographic on "The Path to Prison" page about the PISA reading scores. I took the breakdown by race one step further -- adding gender to the mix -- and the results are eye-opening to say the least. U.S. asian girls come out on TOP of the pack, U.S. black boys at the very bottom, below Mexico. Feel free to post a link directly to the infographic too: Internatl Reading Scores Race/Gender Breakdown (


Through the process of filming TEACHED, this issue of black American boys being in crisis just kept appearing -- that is why the first short film focuses on it. The results are hard to stomach, but I think we have to confront reality before we can change it, yes?

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