Thursday, April 28, 2011

Charter School Facility Space, Emails & ...Birthdays?

Peter Murphy adds to my response to Winerip's article about charter schools and space in NYC:


All District Schools Get "Free" Space - So Should Charters
Back to the serious: the question is never really asked in the article about the conundrum--a scandal, really--of why any charter school should have to pay "rent" at all. Every district school is in "free" space, yet charter schools, none of which get facilities funding, must fight for this privilege, even as the legislature has added more and more hurdles to obtaining district space.

Charter schools having to pay for a roof over their head with a lack of facilities funding is the primary factor in the unequal treatment of public school children in New York. Any true advocate for "equitable" funding and fair treatment in public education--a mantra we hear constantly--cannot legitimately overlook this mistreatment of charter students attending schools like Growing Up Green and dozens of other charters throughout the city and state.

It's one thing for district schools and their advocates to fight over sharing space they think may not exist in sufficient quantity for charters. But, if a charter loses out on district space, then the just policy should be to provide an added funding stream for private space. That would be a win-win for district and charter students alike.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Charter School Facility Space, Emails & ...Birthdays?

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