Thursday, April 28, 2011

Denver mayoral race

It's great to see education reform being a key issue in the Denver mayor's race.  Here's an update from DFER-Colorado:


On May 3rd, Denver voters will determine which two of the current slew of candidates will head to the June 7th run-off election to determine Denver's next mayor.  Interestingly, ever since the mayoral candidates' forum, hosted by Education Reform Now, Democrats for Education Reform-Colorado, and other education reform advocacy organizations, the reform of Denver Public Schools has been frequently highlighted by both the candidates and the press as one of the important issues of this election.  The Denver Post, in their endorsement of candidate Chris Romer (read here), hailed his leadership on education reform as one of the key reasons he earned the endorsement.  Going even further, the Post stated that candidate James Mejia's lack of depth of support for Superintendent Tom Boasberg's reforms is one of the key reasons he did not win the paper's support.  Candidate Michael Hancock has made education reform a key tenet in his platform, even releasing this great campaign ad.

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