Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Emanuel Gets Boost, and Challenges, in Schools Bill

GREAT news from Illinois!

A sweeping public school reform bill unanimously approved late Thursday by the State Senate gives Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel a chance to fulfill a campaign promise and lengthen Chicago's school day, currently one of the shortest in the nation. But first he will have to overcome daunting budget, educational and labor obstacles.

Chicago would be the first major city in recent years to add substantial time to its school day, which currently clocks in at 5 hours 45 minutes for elementary schools and 6 hours for high schools. Chicago students spend 270 hours less in the classroom every year than students in New York City schools, or about 41 fewer days.

On Friday morning, in an appearance at the Johnson College Prep charter school, Mr. Emanuel applauded the legislation enabling a longer school day. "Everybody around the country is now looking at this as a role model," he said.

The legislation resulted from three months of intense negotiation among lawmakers and key players in education from throughout the state. Important questions remain, however, including how much additional classroom time there will be, how it should be used, and how to pay for it.

The bill gives the Chicago Public Schools administration the power to unilaterally decide the length of its day and year, but the details of carrying out the decision will have to be ironed out in bargaining with the powerful Chicago Teachers Union.

…Jonah Edelman, director of Stand for Children, an education-reform organization that helped draft the bill, said, "The ball now is in the mayor-elect and Chicago Public Schools' court, to work with the Chicago Teachers Union on increasing instructional time."

Gov. Pat Quinn backs the bill, and supporters expect House approval by early May. The bill also tackles other weighty issues, including linking teacher tenure to performance rather than seniority, making it easier to remove ineffective teachers and making it harder for the union to strike.


Emanuel Gets Boost, and Challenges, in Schools Bill

Published: April 16, 2011

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