Sunday, May 15, 2011

Here’s the Q&A:

Here's the Q&A:


3. What do the numbers look like for KIPP students who have graduated from a two-year college? What about the students who are still pursuing their degrees?


While 33 percent of KIPP students have graduated from four-year colleges, 5 percent of KIPP students have graduated from two-year colleges. Additionally, 19 percent of KIPP alumni are still persisting in college.


4. KIPP is reaching more than 27,000 students in 99 schools. Does this study represent all of them?


The study looked at KIPP alumni who completed 8th grade 10 or more years ago. To date, only the two original KIPP schools have been in operation long enough for their early classes of students to have finished college.


5. Some educational organizations start tracking their college-bound students in 12th grade. Why do you track your students starting at 8th grade?


We use eighth-grade completion as the starting point to measure our students' educational attainment because completing eighth grade at a KIPP middle school was the point at which KIPP students became KIPP alumni. In KIPP's early days, our students did not have the option to attend a KIPP-run high school. However, even as we have opened high schools, we still believe that we must track students' progress starting at the end of eighth grade or the beginning of ninth grade to get a clear picture of KIPP's impact on our students' educational attainment.

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