Sunday, May 15, 2011

Letter from KIPP’s CEO, Richard Barth

Here's the letter from KIPP's CEO, Richard Barth:


As of Fall 2010, 33 percent of students who completed 8th grade at a KIPP middle school ten or more years ago have graduated from a four-year-college. This rate is above the national average and four times the rate for students from low-income families. In addition, 5 percent of the earliest KIPP students have completed a two-year college degree and 19 percent are still persisting in college.
For all of us who work at KIPP today, this is certainly a moment to recognize that we stand on the shoulders of giants. It is a testament to all KIPPsters big and small – our pioneering students and families from our first years; our founding teachers and support staff; volunteers, funders and friends; and finally, our founders, Mike Feinberg and Dave Levin.
While this college graduation rate is a significant achievement, all of us at KIPP recognize that our ultimate goal still eludes us. Over 80 percent of Americans from the highest economic quartile have earned a bachelor's degree by age 29. We believe, as do millions of Americans across our country, that demography need not dictate destiny.  Our north star is to see our KIPPSters graduate from college at the same rates as children growing up in more privileged communities.  Achieving this goal is both a moral and economic imperative.

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