Thursday, June 02, 2011

Application Boot Camp 2011

My friend Michele Hernandez, author of A is for Admission and one of the top college admissions guru, and her partner Mimi Doe are hosting their 7th annual four-day Boot Camp to "help students rise above the rest in the admissions process."  It ain't cheap ($14K), but if you sign up and mention that I sent you, they'll donate 10% ($1,400) to REACH.  (Incidentally, Michele and Mimi have, pro bono, run a one-day workshop for REACH students.)

If you are the parent of a rising senior you may be feeling the anxiety around the college application process.  Let the experts do the heavy lifting in the internationally acclaimed Application Boot Camp 2011 and donate to REACH at the same time.  Dr. Michele Hernandez and Mimi Doe, college admissions gurus, are offering their 7th annual 4 day Boot Camp to help students rise above the rest in the admissions process.  Year after year students who follow their advice and approach have less stress and more college choices.  Contact Application Boot Camp at Application Boot Camp 2011and tell them you are sent by REACH and they will donate $1,400 to the organization when you sign up.

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