Wednesday, June 08, 2011

David Brand of 100 Black Men comments

David Brand of 100 Black Men with some scathing comments on the NAACP (shared with permission):


In NY charter schools get 63 cents on the dollar compared to the system.

The reason why our schools are cleaner is because – DUH! – we clean them as opposed to relying on corrupt custodial unions.

New books and smartboards don't educate kids. Good non-UFT teachers do.

The NAACP deals from the bottom of the deck, because for 40 years they have had nothing to say. The NAACP becomes the source of income for most of its leaders today. They are easily bought.

An NAACP convention is a depressing place with a bunch of angry defensive people struggling to justify the need for the organization.

An Urban League or 100 Black Men convention is totally opposite with positive people trying to improve Black America.

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