Wednesday, June 08, 2011

In New York, the NAACP Fails Again

Another day, another leading black organization (no, NAACP, NOT a right-wing organization!), has come out against the NAACP's sellout: this time, BET (Black Entertainment Television):

It goes without saying that the NAACP is a venerated Black institution for a reason. The century-old organization has seen African-Americans through the ups and downs of the civil rights movement, the Great Depression and more than a few wars. There's a reason we needed the NAACP in the past, and there's a reason we still need it. However, this doesn't mean that the NAACP is without its pockmarks. The organization—both its governing body and its local chapters—have made some big mistakes over the years, and the latest is in New York City.

…What happened is that the NAACP recently filed a lawsuit against the New York City Department of Education, which has released plans to close 22 failing schools and open several charter schools in their place. The lawsuit could lead to the shuttering of several great, high-performing charter schools serving mostly Black students, which is what is making the protesting families so angry.

…In this case, the NAACP looks to be in the wrong, especially if you're a parent with a kid in one of those successful charter schools.


In New York, the NAACP Fails Again

The NAACP is usually a great organization, but sometimes it really misses its mark.

By Cord Jefferson

Posted: 06/06/2011 05:56 PM EDT

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