Thursday, June 02, 2011

Students First with yet another story of a top teacher being laid off due to lack of seniority

Michelle Rhee and Students First with yet another story of a top teacher being laid off due to lack of seniority – see the 1:40 video at:

Dramatically improved student test scores? Check. Proven passion for teaching? Check. Admiration of principal and love of students? Check and check.

By all measures Christine Simo is an excellent teacher -- precisely the type of teacher concerned parents want in their child's classroom. In fact, many fellow teachers have requested Christine for their own kids.

Why then did Christine's principal, with tears in her eyes, have to approach her just weeks ago to tell her she was being let go? Christine was one of the best teachers in the school.
Layoffs were necessary and the harmful "last in, first out" policy in the state of Nevada left Christine's principal without a choice.

Watch Christine's story now:

When the best get laid off, student lose: Watch the video now.

States are facing incredible budget deficits, and as a result painful cuts to public education are taking place all across America. Cuts are always hard, but when teacher layoffs are based not on effectiveness in the classroom, but solely on the number of years the teacher has taught in a district, students lose twice.

Sadly, Christine's story is not unique. Teachers in your local area may very well be facing the exact same situation. The only way to keep excellent teachers like Christine in the classroom is to reform education policy.

The fight to reform Nevada's education laws is happening right now, and there may still be time to save Christine's job. We need your help to build this movement. Watch Christine's story and then share it with parents, teachers, and anyone you know who is concerned about the future of education in this country.

In order to do what's best for our students we must work together and act quickly to protect the amazing teachers just like Christine all across America.


Michelle Rhee
CEO and Founder

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