Thursday, June 02, 2011

Grading teachers

DFER NY's Elizabeth Ling and Jocelyn Huber with a spot on op ed in the NY Post (and kudos to Gov. Cuomo for weighing in on this):

Gov. Cuomo yesterday wrote Merryl Tisch, chancellor of the state Board of Regents, urging a drastic change of direction as the state Education Department develops a new teacher-evaluation system. The governor's right: The first draft of that system deserves an F.

It seems Tisch got the message. Soon after the governor's letter went public, she released a statement committing to an overhaul of the evaluation system.

Cuomo's recommendations address many of the problems and offer a good starting point to build upon. Now it's up to Tisch and the Regents to adopt them in earnest when they meet Monday.

The basic goal is clear: Just as schools send report cards to parents to alert them about their children's performance, we need to make sure our teachers and principals are also making the grade. Once districts can determine which teachers and principals are most effective, they can reward them — and replace those who aren't up to the job.


Grading teachers

Will New York get it right?

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