Tuesday, July 05, 2011

NAACP's charter hypocrite

I have no problem with anyone sending their kids to private schools, but they'd better not by hypocrites by turning around and trying to deny poor parents better options for their kids…  Pulling up the ladder behind you is a crime in my book…

A prominent NAACP leader is sending her child to a posh New England boarding school at the same time the civil-rights group is suing to block low-income parents from educating their kids in charter schools, The Post has learned.

Karen Boykin-Towns, who heads the group's Brooklyn branch and serves on its national board, enrolls her daughter, Jasmine, at the bucolic, 80-acre Brewster Academy in New Hampshire, which charges up to $45,000 in annual tuition.


NAACP's charter hypocrite

Boss' kid in posh prep

Last Updated: 8:09 AM, June 27, 2011


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