Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Schools brace for a new era

Here's the article that has the Iannuzzi quote.  What he calls terrorism is simply applying basic management principles to a broken, dysfunctional and unaccountable system.  It's great to see what's happening in NY:

the face of New York's public school system is changing, perhaps more than at any point in its 199-year history.

By the time students return to class in September, some old school traditions and methods will be changed or threatened, from making it easier to fire teachers, to second guessing school professionals, to forcing consideration of program cuts that could include kindergarten.

In Albany, where the political will for more than a decade was to provide record state aid increases even as local taxes grew at more than twice inflation, the political will now is to control what have become some of the nation's highest property taxes, and risk the wrath of the powerful teachers unions.

"The gravitational forces are moving toward performance and refocusing on students and achievement," Gov. Andrew Cuomo told The Associated Press. "The gravitational forces are moving away from growing the bureaucracy. I'm going to push very hard on that going forward ... the focus has to be on improving student performance."

..."I think what we are seeing is a seismic shift in kindergarten through 12th grade education in New York state," said B. Jason Brooks of the Foundation for Education Reform & Accountability, an advocacy group that has spent years lobbying for what he agrees is a new era in public schools.

"We are part of a large national movement and this great to see for a change," Brooks said.


Schools brace for a new era

Seismic shift, including teacher evaluations, attracts praise, criticism
By MICHAEL GORMLEY Associated Press
Published 12:00 a.m., Sunday, August 7, 2011


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