Monday, October 24, 2011

Ideas for Aps?

From TFA alum and Maryland State Senator Bill Ferguson:


We have an amazing "innovation community" in Baltimore City - it's one of the fastest growing and most engaged professional communities in the City (maybe just behind Under Armour).  Several of these technologists - app makers/developers/designers - have decided to step into the education arena.  They're hosting an Education Hack Day in mid-November at one of our great City high schools, Digital Harbor HS.  Essentially, the idea is to bring together a group of technologists for a weekend, present an app idea or challenge, and let the technologists go to work.  I'm really excited to see what will result.

Here's the ask - the technologists are looking for app ideas from teachers.  See:  It would be really great for the teachers on your list to consider sending any ideas for apps that would help teachers do what they do best.


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