Sunday, November 27, 2011

Randi's Response

Here's Randi's response:


Randi Weingarten

Posted November 14, 2011 at 5:32 PM

Seriously,what problem are you solving for?
Helping kids succeed?
Dealing with an economic recession American workers didn't create?
Getting rid of any ability for workers to have a voice?
Getting rid of democratic principles?

In reading this blog post, you still believe that American workers, in this case teachers through their unions are the basis of the ills afflicting America now. And if you can't get rid of them using an economic argument, then try to go after another institution, school boards.

As someone who actually advocated initially for mayoral control in NYC, I have seen a lot of problems with that approach as well, principally it didn't achieve the desired results (significantly helping students) even though the Mayor had huge power, and this was significantly less democracy for parents, voice for teachers and transparency for the public?

As to sacrifice, I have witnessed my members throughout the country negotiate wage freezes and reductions,furlough s,health care and pension changes amounting to millions of dollars.

In Ohio, take Toledo, Cincy and Cleveland- Toledo for example is taking a salary cut this year to ensure that students had the "specialty" courses they want and need.

And finally, as I said at the debate with Rick Hess this summer-read this summer's Harvard Business Review's front page story about collaboration. If business now sees that collaborative practice is so essential in moving business' forward in this economy, why don't you, who believe we must follow a "business model" see its importance for schooling?

Just saying.

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