Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Yale School of Management’s Education Club’s 2012 Education Business Plan Competition

First round (2 page) submissions are due Jan. 4th for the Yale School of Management's Education Club's 2012 Education Business Plan Competition:

The Yale School of Management's Education Club is excited to invite you to submit your innovative K-12 education business idea to our 2012 Education Business Plan Competition!  The competition invites graduate students from a variety of fields to submit new business ideas that will positively impact the U.S. education system.


Applicants will compete for prizes of up to $10,000 and consulting support to launch their ventures, and will also gain the opportunity to meet other aspiring education entrepreneurs. The 1stRound submission, a 2-page executive summary of the proposed venture, is due by January 4, 2012. We will likely hold a Q&A session in the coming weeks before the submission deadline for interested parties. For teams that advance beyond the 1st Round, a full 10-page Business Plan will be due in early February.


We would love for graduate students from schools across the country to submit their business ideas! Please pass along the information attached and below to the Education, Entrepreneurship, Net Impact, or other related clubs and club members, as well as any other students whom you think may be interested. If you or anyone has any questions or is interested in participating in a Q&A call about the competition, please reach out to us at or see for more information.


Thank you!

Caitlin Sullivan


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