Saturday, April 07, 2012


Richard Barth, the CEO of KIPP, is on the board of ROADs, whose mission is to open charter schools to serve the most vulnerable students in New York City.  He asked me to send this around:


Our names are Travis Brown and Seth Litt.   As the founding principals of ROADS Charter High Schools , we will be opening schools in the South Bronx and East New York, Brooklyn, that are designed to serve the most vulnerable students in two of the neighborhoods where the greatest number of young people fall through the cracks of the system.

We've taken up this work because as principals in the New York City Department of Education, we've worked hard and seen success with many of our students, but we've also seen what happens to students who fall behind. The truth is that in many of our communities there aren't great options for students who need a second, third or fourth chance. We feel that it isn't our job as educators to decide when students have had enough chances; it is our job to keep creating options until every young person has the shot that they deserve.

Despite the heroic work that educators do every day and despite all the progress we've made, there are thousands and thousands of kids in our city who drop out and never reengage. These are great kids, but the obstacles in their lives grow quickly into brick walls.  We all know what the life prospects are for young people who leave school without a diploma.

We are confronted by a few simple questions; Do they deserve better? Should we accept that the fate of so many of our kids is sealed by 16? Do we as a society have an obligation to do better?

ROADS will be accepting any student between 15-17 years old with 0-11 credits, with preference for students who are homeless, in foster care, are or have been court involved or are one year behind their grade cohort. We are actively recruiting English Language Learners and Students with disabilities.

Although this is considered an "alternative population" we are not seeking "alternative" outcomes for our students. Through rigorous and engaging curriculum, extensive social emotional supports and job readiness training and experience, we will support our students in earning full Regents diplomas, graduating from ROADS ready for college and career.

We have a tremendous opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our students, young people who need the most, and have gotten the least, and to prove that truly every student can succeed.

This will only work if we get the very best people on board. We need exceptional educators to be part of our founding team and build something great. We need educators who believe in young people, who can't stomach the still-entrenched inequalities and want to work like mad to build a new reality. 

Right now we are hiring for Director of School Support Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Coordinator of Special Education, Director of Operations, Teachers, Social Worker, Dean of Students, Reading Specialists and English Language Learner specialists. 

Here is our website, with links to job descriptions:   And, if anyone wants to talk to us directly, they can reach us at or .


Travis and Seth

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