Monday, July 23, 2012

D.C. children left in the lurch

 The Washington Post with a good editorial calling on Obama and Duncan to lift the cap on the DC voucher program. Relax everyone – this is just a big kabuki dance; just like last year, this is a negotiating chit with Boehner and the program will continue. However, a friend points out: "the effect is that by the time budget gets done, no new kids would be able to join and some current families are at risk of not being renewed and therefore forced out of current schools."

Mr. Boehner has made clear that Congress will provide the funds for this program, but because the group in charge of the program is now being forced to abide by the artificial cap, many students will unnecessarily be deprived of scholarships. In other words, when the money becomes available, it will be too late.

Now is the time that families are making decisions about schools for the fall. Unless Mr. Obama and Mr. Duncan are intent on denying hundreds of underprivileged D.C. students the chance for a quality education, they should work with Mr. Boehner to ensure the uninterrupted continuation of this important program.


D.C. children left in the lurch

By Editorial Board, Published: May 22

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