Friday, October 19, 2012

Video: Democracy Prep Charter School in Harlem, "Vote for Somebody"

Speaking of voting, run, don’t walk, to watch this AMAZING, inspiring video of 4th grade kids at Democracy Prep Charter School in Harlem singing and performing their civic message to the tune of Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe":

The chorus is: “Vote for Obama, or vote for Romney! It’s your civic duty, vote for somebody! So many ‘round the world long for democracy, so here’s your reminder! Vote for somebody!”

It’s nonpartisan – the kids are calling on people to vote, not telling them who to vote for – but let’s remember which party is putting up as many barriers as possible to reduce the voter turnout in the communities these children are from…

PS -- Seth Andrew, the founder of Democracy Prep, writes:

It's going viral... 50,000 hits in 24 hours... It's been amazing to help make something go viral from the other side... buzzfeed, huffpo, yahoo, youtube/politcs, storyful... 

We're getting calls to do live talk-shows, Anderson Cooper, and we were on Hardball with Chris Mathews last night!

But wait till people learn that just one year ago this was the WORST SCHOOL IN HARLEM. they were bottom 1% citywide and now are in the top 96% citywide.

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