Monday, December 17, 2012

Educators 4 Excellence Rally

Educators 4 Excellence continues its great work:

I wanted to share this great clip from NBC on E4E's rally yesterday.

Also, check out this great picture from what was an impactful and exciting afternoon.

I am particularly proud of how the three teachers who spoke - Mike, Susan, and Jemal - so effectively shared their stories and called clearly on the Union and City leadership to come to a deal before the January 17th deadline.  As you likely recall, if the Union and City don’t reach an agreement by the 17th, the State will claw back $300 million from the city school budget and teachers won’t get the meaningful support and feedback they need to elevate their teaching.  

As you can see we've made a lot of progress since we last spoke. Thank you for being such a great partner in this effort and in all of our work.

Best -
Jonathan Schleifer | Executive Director
Educators 4 Excellence - New York

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