Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Gun Control Organizations

My friend (and ed warrior) James Forman sent out an email asking for suggestions about which gun control organizations he should support and here’s the follow-up email he sent:

Thanks for all the amazing responses.  It is clear that there are lots of folks out there who want to do something on this issue and who, like me, didn't know where to turn.
A bunch of people said "share what you learn," so here goes. 
I got some responses from experts in the field, so I’m confident this is a solid list.  Your money won’t be wasted. Also, if you want to take action other than donating money, these groups all send out action alerts if you sign up.
 . . . . .
The group most often mentioned was the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.  Donate here.  

A close second was Mayors Against Illegal Guns.  One of my friends who has been involved in the issue for many years encouraged donations to this group in particular because they are spending money in the ad wars to come against the NRA.Donate here.  Mayors Against Illegal Guns is also sponsoring the Demand a Plan campaign.  Check it out--it which includes a strong 90-second video feature some leading artists and performers, and links for how citizens can take action. 

Other recommended organizations include:

Finally, I was listening to Slate Culture Gabfest podcast yesterday and they recommended folks check out the Million Child March Against Gun Violence on Facebook.  Folks are trying to organize a million kids on the mall this spring.  Like it there and help spread the word, and if the march happens lets everybody plan on meeting up in DC with our kids for a good cause.  

Ify and I will bring Emeka--as Jim Forman's grandson, about time he started getting dragged to some marches.

Much love and Happy Holidays,

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