Monday, April 22, 2013

California Teachers Not Qualified

OAG with a report on a big problem on CA teachers not qualified to teach the subjects they’re teaching (it’s no doubt the same nationwide):

California Watch, the largest group of investigative reporters in the state, recently delved into the credentials of California teachers and uncovered some disturbing trends.

According to its report, “Every year in California, public school administrators assign thousands of teachers to classes for which they lack the credentials or legal authorization to teach.”
A big part of the problem comes from teachers unions, which fight to keep their members employed, regardless of whether their particular skills meet student needs, the report said.
“It’s hard to find a starker example of how school districts under the control or strong influence of teacher unions value the needs of adult employees over the needs of students,” opined about the report.

California Watch cited data compiled by the state Commission on Teacher Credentialing and determined that from 2007 through 2011, one in 10 teachers – more than 32,000 employees – were instructing classes for which they did not have the proper certification to teach.

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