Friday, July 12, 2013

Jenny Sedlis Serves as StudentFirstNY's New Chief

Big news for StudentsFirstNY as well – Jenny is GREAT!

StudentsFirstNY, a pro-charter school organization that launched with a bang a year ago and then stalled, has signaled it is ready to jump back into New York City politics, hiring the top lieutenant of a polarizing charter chain.

Jenny Sedlis, who helped former City Council Member Eva Moskowitz build Success Academy Charter Schools, will start in September as the new executive director, the group plans to announce Friday. Officials said this would show they weren't going to sit out the mayor's race.

"This is a launching of a pretty important new beginning, especially with the mayor's race in full swing," said Ms. Moskowitz, a StudentsFirstNY board member.
The group had said it could raise about $10 million and would put its stamp on the mayoral contest, but it has yet to take action.

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