Friday, July 12, 2013

Joe Lhota's Education Speech

Rep. mayoral candidate Joe Lhota gave a GREAT ed speech on June 20th – here is an excerpt:

Let me address school closures.

The only reason why a school closes is because it is not properly educating children.  That school is failing our children.

To keep a failing school open is immoral. 

This does not mean that a failing school building should remain closed. The school building should never close. Instead the school within should be immediately reconstituted with a better curriculum, better teachers, and a better principal. No building will be left fallow when I am mayor. No school building, or space within a school building, will go unused.

Understand this: I will not put a moratorium on school closures. 

I am also a big believer in Charter Public Schools.

Over a decade ago, there were only 14 Charter Public Schools in New York City. Today, there are over 150 servicing 48,000 students. That’s a remarkable achievement.

I believe that Charter Public Schools are successful and they have the potential of improving the education of every single student. Parents want and deserve choices for their children.  I will provide parents with choice, more choice.

I will call for legislation expanding the number and scope of Charter Public Schools. At a minimum, the number needs to double.

Parents want Charter Public Schools.  The wait list is endless.

A recent Zogby poll found that 86% of respondents want more options when choosing schools for their children.  Among African-American parents, the number rises to over 90%.

It is disgraceful that kids cannot attend a school of their parent’s choosing.

New York City can do better.

We need to make space available for Charter Public Schools - - whether it is through continued co-location, or finding space in closing Catholic schools.

Parents need choice, children need choice, and teachers need choice.

Opposition to Charter Public Schools is insulting to educational advancement.

I spent an hour with Joe a couple of months ago and was very impressed. A friend forwarded me this appeal to support him:

In NYC if anyone with a city address/home writes up to a $175 check, magnanimous NYC matches that donation 6 times – yes, 6 times.  To Joe and his mayoral efforts that is REAL money….

If after reading the attached speech you would like to support Joe, please go here.

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