Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Jeb Bush's support for Common Core

Nate Silver on polling which shows that Jeb Bush's support for the Common Core won't hurt him among Republicans

The case against Bush, as articulated by Ben Smith of BuzzFeed, turns mainly on the notion that Bush's moderate stances on immigration and education could prove problematic in the primaries.

According to the polls, however, Republican views on both issues are more flexible than Smith and other news media commentators might assume. This post will look at the polling on education reform — specifically, support for the Common Core, which Bush has championed and which sets a set of recommendations for what students should know in kindergarten through high school.
By the way, I really hope Bush runs and gets the nomination, even though that reduces the chances of Hillary (or another Democrat) winning. He's smart, thoughtful, moderate – and really passionate about ed reform (with a track record as governor to back it up – for more, see the slides I posted here:

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